Productive Chrome extensions for developers

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture

 Want to share your offline web design to anyone? Make additional notes on it etc, it always useful to generate a full page screenshot of the website on any device. View the author’s website

Vue JS devtools

I use Vue quite a lot, to keep track of your application’s state you have an awesome Chrome extension called Vue.js dev tools, which is also available for Firefox.

Vue.js devtools preview

You can see the available components and all of its data, and the state of those. If you use Vuex you can also see every event triggered. View the author’s website

Strong Password Generator

Strong password generator preview

Need to generate passwords multiple times daily, I do! To avoid visiting the password generator website every single time I now use an extension which solves this with 2 clicks.  Visit on Chrome store


Once you generated those passwords, you usually want to store these somewhere. I personally love Dashlane. I used many over the years, Keeper, LastPass, .. and all of them were either too complicated or misbehaved in some way.

You can/have:

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JSON Viewer

Once you’ll be using a lot of API’s you’ll notice the response will be either ugly or really hard to read. JSON viewer solves this issue by formatting the raw JSON into a good looking format.

It just works!

JSON Viewer preview

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I will update this posts as time goes by, if you have any good extensions I should test comment below and it might get on the list!