Monitor your users clicking, scrolling and live interaction with hotjar

Ever wanted to track down your user’s behaviour on your website? It’s quick and easy with Hotjar, even live recordings and that all for free!

How to install Hotjar

Visit Hotjar When you add a website to Hotjar you’ll need to add some script code to your website, you receive this code when adding the website.

<!-- Hotjar Tracking Code for http://<your-website-url> -->

Don’t use the code above, it’s only here as an example as it won’t work, use your Hotjar code instead!

What can I do with Hotjar?

  • You can view heatmaps that show amount of scrolling, clicks and movement per page.ยต
  • View the recordings of the visitors of your website
  • Create funnels to see if your CTA’s work
  • Analyse your forms, to see where it stops

Some extra’s

  • Request inmediate feedback with star-ratings
  • Create polls, which’ll popup on your website
  • Even create full surveys
  • Live user testing with screen sharing


Heatmaps are really good to see where the attention of the user goes, if you see they’re not scrolling enough and you’ve got important data beneath the 60% scrolling mark start thinking why and improve from there on.


This is an example of clicking, moving and scrolling. 


Hotjar recordings

As you can see on the image above, we got a view recordings of the website. It’s an actual recording of the user’s screen.

This really helps on how the user interacts with your website and you can pinpoint why the user leaves your site.


Hotjar Funnels

You can create multiple funnels, and funnels can consist of multiple pages. A funnel is a wanted route the user should take, f.e. from Home to Projects page.

Hotjar conversion rates

Here you can see the statistics of the funnel. Only 24.4% directly goes from homepage to projects.


Wonder why people never fill in your forms, or you want more responds to your already popular form? Investigate where people stepped out and solve the issue!

Hotjar Forms

You can see how long a user spent on one field, and on which field they left the page. Interesting, huh?

You have more questions about Hotjar? Comment below and I’ll answer them asap!

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