Disable Prestashop API calls in backoffice

Prestashop had some nasty API issues lately, here’s how to avoid downtime when Prestashop services are struggling to keep up.

Login to your back-office

Wait, hold on?! I’m not able to log in due to long load times! Don’t worry, go to this link http://<your-shop-domain>/<admin-directory>/index.php?controller=AdminModules

Disable Merchant Expertise

This will bring you to the modules page once you’re logged in, here you can go and disable the module Merchant Expertise which attempts a connection with Prestashop.

If that didn’t work for you…

Alternative solutions:

  • Rename the module/gamification folder to something else ( doesn’t matter what )
  • Deactivate API calls in the code: View on Github And voila!

You should now be able to log in much faster, even when Prestashop is struggling. No more angry customers!

Comment below if this didn’t work for you, I’ll help you find out.

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